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The Life and Times of a Gamer
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Below are the 5 most recent journal entries recorded in sir_briggs' LiveJournal:

Friday, June 23rd, 2006
9:32 pm
Brian is swamped in homework and is actually doing his first LJ update in at least 6months...so comes the second coming pack and hope for purgatory. In other news he also has a nice new dustt scion xB.Grovel before me, ok? If anyone wants to write a paper or two for me, let me ok.
Tuesday, January 17th, 2006
9:56 pm
unfunny stuff
I planted some birdseed. A bird came up. Now I don't know what to feed it.

I had amnesia once -- or twice.

I went to San Francisco. I found someone's heart. Now what?

Protons have mass? I didn't even know they were Catholic.

All I ask is a chance to prove that money can't make me happy.

If the world were a logical place, men would ride horses sidesaddle.

What is a "free" gift? Aren't all gifts free?

They told me I was gullible, and I believed them.

Teach a child to be polite and courteous in the home and, when he grows up, he'll never be able to merge his car onto a freeway.

Two can live as cheaply as one, for half as long.

Experience is the thing you have left when everything else is gone.

What if there were no hypothetical questions?

The shampoo promised me extra body, and I gained three pounds.

One nice thing about egotists: They don't talk about other people.

When the only tool you own is a hammer, every problem begins to look like a 20 penny nail.

A flashlight is a case for holding dead batteries.

What was the greatest thing before sliced bread? Hmmmm?

My weight is perfect for my height -- which varies.

I used to be indecisive. Now I'm not sure.

The cost of living hasn't affected its popularity.

How can there be self-help "groups"?

Is there another word for synonym?

Where do forest rangers go to "get away from it all"?

The speed of time is one second per second.

Is it possible to be totally partial?

What's another word for thesaurus?

Is Marx's tomb a communist plot?

If swimming is so good for your figure, how do you explain whales?

Show me a man with both feet firmly on the ground, and I'll show you a man who can't get his pants off.

It's not an optical illusion. It just looks like one.

Is it my imagination, or do buffalo wings taste like chicken?
Saturday, January 14th, 2006
8:51 pm
Brian is dying in a burning blaze of boredom
rescue me please
Monday, October 3rd, 2005
9:37 pm
Brian's Injury Report
Week one-6yr old jumps out and nearly bites through thumb
Week two-7yr old repeats 6yr old's action
Week three- 10yr old claws two layers of skin off arm
- mob of kids charge and push me over...removes layer of skin along right hands knuckles
If im lucky the school may actually pay me for the work...
Watched a kid jump out of a swing and break his arm...
Made the 10yr old who clawed my arm cry...was kinda funny cause he was mad i made him take a time out for throwing an apple at a girl
Final thing gamers revolution on hold till i actually have the man power to overthrow a state.
The Leader,
Sunday, June 26th, 2005
9:17 pm
Would actually post something, but too busy playing video games to actually do so...but this is a post so i suppose that I'm actually not too busy, but more likely to lazy to do so

Current Mood: geeky
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